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Back Row:  Candy Campbell, Helen Means, Carolyn Kraetsch, June McKue, Julie Helms, Sheilah Morrison  Front Row:  Wendy Jones, Kathryn McCarty, Brian Sholley.  Not pictured:  Diane McRice, Caitlyn, or Brian Pergamit.
The Ladies Quintet Los Angeles Scrapbook
Despite Thursday morning's terrorist threats, all of us made it to LA.  Well, except for our Floor Manager Brian who's car broke down in San Jose and who joined us Saturday morning.
Carolyn's hip replacement and Julie's fake knee only slowed them down when we were trying to get through security at the airport.   The picture on the right fails to show the line of people wrapped all along the terminal trying to check baggage.  Leave it to us to fly the morning after the Heathrow terror threat.
We made it.  Despite my white-knuckle grip on the seat as Helen repeated "That plane it's coming right for us.  That plane it's coming right for us." and Candy's story of her friend who was killed during a plane bombing.   Candy is a former stewardess.  Now she is a nurse and has written the most most amazing film about premies.   I learn a lot about these ladies including that Julie is a retired social worker and Carolyn spent 40 years in a elementary classroom.   Helen spent her early 20's in Hollywood pursuing acting until she and her husband became pregnant and moved to the Bay Area.  She's been waiting 4 decades to perform in Hollywood.   She's says all things are possible with faith.
Very happy to finally get dinner after all this travel.  Sheilah was quite tickled by the rousing "Happy Birthday" song and the cheesecake and candle at the Ramp Restaurant in Burbank.  Excellent food and service there!
What I like best about these pictures of June (above), Julie (right) and Carolyn (below)  is the complete joy on their faces.   What meaning in that happiness.  Contentment at the opportunity to perform.  This joy is a gift.
        I never meant to teach high school.   I've performed, stage managed and acted all over the world.  "Never."  That's what I told anyone who asked me if I wanted to teach.    I was committed to that "Never."
Until a young man (16 years old) approached me and said he'd never had anyone teach him about acting and that's all he wanted to learn.   Could I come and teach at his high school until he graduated that Spring?    When I went in to interview, the Principal said he'd never hired anyone on the spot before me.  He retired the year after I left.    I taught on an Emergency Credential  for 5 1/2 years, building the program from a handful of students and two classes to  5 classes and so many students I couldn't remember everyone's name.  
              I came to realize that anyone who has a true passion about life should teach.   And if you don't have a passion?  Look to a teacher to find one.
         The two pictures above are Wendy Jones and Brian Sholley.   Wendy is a senior at Santa Barbara.  Brian begins Grad school this Fall in San Diego.  They were students of mine my first year teaching, and all these years later I revel at what I have been taught by the two.
What an incredible experience for Diane McRice (our set designer) and her granddaughter Caitlyn who volunteered to help us out backstage.   What a joy to watch generations of women working in the Arts!
The Ladies Quintet runs Friday - Sunday through August 27 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood.   

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Note that Hollywood sign
way in the distance!
Our first night in town, we ate at a quaint little family run restaurant called "The Ramp".   Besides meeting up with some excellent steaks, we met the ladies (and gentleman) at the table next to us who were celebrating birthdays.  These lovely women came to the show this weekend and snapped this picture for us!
Friends from afar!

Tom Groenwald and Mary Kaminski, lifelong friends of the playwright flew out from Chicago to LA to see the show!

Below, director Roberta Tibbetts engaged in conversation about the show.